A bridal gown is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. Today, brides often choose a white wedding gown, which was made popular by Queen Victoria in the 19th century.

The precious moment starts with the perfect gown. Your wedding gown.

We know you need that perfect dress, and the gowns featured at Wedding Isle gives you a great selection of styles to pick from. Be it classy elegant lace gown, modern off shoulder style, or fairytale gown with train, we have it all under one roof for you to try on. These beautifully made gowns are ready for your big day, with tailoring and adjustment services provided to make sure it fits your perfectly.

Wedding gown started to provide bridal gowns for rent and purchase five years ago, and today it is one of the strongest features of Wedding Isle, second to our well-known bridal makeover service.

We have three ranges of wedding gowns, including Classic Collection, Shathia Collection and Yokoe Designer Collection. Wedding Isle also features a special selection of evening gowns that is suitable for dinner functions.